Hi, I’m Allison, a product designer who wakes up everyday excited to solve problems through beautiful & data-driven designs.

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Data Visualization
Transforming complex data into easily digestible insights for actionable user takeaways
Information Architecture
Strategically utilizing visual affordances to craft designs aligned with the user's mental model
Design systems
Crafting versatile design guidelines to ensure UI components and interactions are uniformly implemented
design for manufacturing
Creating design deliverables that allow for collaboration with developers to create designs that are both impactful and feasible

featured Projects

Explore some projects I have selected to demonstrate my design skills and process. Each case study navigates from problem to implementation.

Revamping Themes at ReviewTrackers

Discover how ReviewTrackers revamped its customization feature to meet diverse branding needs, boosting user engagement and enhancing product value.
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preview of the themes project
preview of the themes project
preview of the design systems project
preview of the design systems project

Building Out Design Systems at ReviewTrackers

Explore how I led the expansion of ReviewTrackers' design system, modernizing the app's look while enhancing user interactions.
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Redesigning PlayToCare

Read about how I enhanced the user experience and functionality of a trivia game app with a charitable twist.
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preview of the PlayToCare
preview of the PlayToCare
preview of the Camelback Family Planning project
preview of the Camelback Family Planning project

Redesigning Camelback Family Planning’s Website

Discover how I transformed Camelback Family Planning's website into an accessible, user-friendly platform that empowers patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare.
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step 1

Identify the Problem

Isolate the critical issue(s) by dissecting user pain points and initial observations.
step 2

Understand the Scope

Assess the user needs, business objectives, and technical constraints to frame the design challenge.
step 3

Design Solutions

Ideate solutions to resolve immediate user needs while staying true to the overarching product vision.
step 4

Collaborate with Team

Work closely with business and technical teams to align design solutions with overarching goals.
step 5

Gather Feedback

Conduct user testing and gather feedback in cycles, refining the design until it meets predefined acceptance criteria.
step 6

Analyze and Iterate

Implement the final design, measure its impact through key metrics, and continuously refine for an optimal user experience.


I’m Allison Winter—a product designer with a background in mechanical engineering, over four years of design experience, and a passion for psychology, visual balance, and information architecture.
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I am currently the lead designer for the Ask Tool feature at ReviewTrackers, where our product team utilizes the Product Triad model. The triad consists of UX, product management (PM), and engineering. This framework allows me to actively collaborate across these disciplines and play an active role in shaping our product. As the lead designer, I focus on creating experiences that harmonize user needs, business goals, and technical limitations.
What excites me about design is being able to work at the crossroads of art, engineering, business, and psychology. This crossroads allows my love for creativity and critical thinking to unite, empowering me to design digital experiences that are both thoughtful and practical.
My path to product design hasn't been a straight line, but I am, oh, so grateful to be doing what I love. I truly wake up every day excited to solve problems through beautiful & data-driven designs and, of course, consume an exorbitant amount of coffee.
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