Tarot Bootcamp – 4 class intensive starting 18 Jan 2012

This is a 4 class intensive for a maximum of FOUR students. If you have a basic knowledge of Tarot but want to develop your practical reading skills, then this class is for you.

Designed for the ‘advanced’ beginner, you will have a a general idea of the broader meaning of each card, but lack the know-how or confidence to put together a complete reading.

An in-depth knowledge of the cards isn’t required as I will be also teaching you intuitive reading techniques which require NO knowledge of the cards but you do need to have some degree of familiarity.

We will meet one night per week during which I will guide you through the process of doing an actual reading with a Client so you will learn:

– how to structure a reading
– how to take and keep control of the reading
– how to put your Client, and yourself, at ease
– how to help your Client focus on their specific questions and issues
– what to do when you get confused or uncertain
– how to tap into your intuition
– and much more.

Classes will be held at Newtown, Sydney 6.30-9pm on Wednesday 18 Jan, 25 Jan, 1 Feb and 8 Feb.

There are two ways to participate

1. Sign up for the BootCamp as a student at a cost of $80 (covers 10 hours tuition and any materials)

2. Sign up to be a Client at a cost of $20. You will need to allow about an hour and a half for your reading.  If you’re a member of the official Meetup.com group Tarotcraft – Tarot Meetup (Sydney area) there is no charge to be a client.

Bookings will be confirmed on receipt of payment, which is to be paid in full two weeks prior to start of first class. Due to limited numbers, fees are transferable but not refundable.

This is not a first in, first served basis. I will be selecting students who have a similar level of experience to work together. If I don’t select you for this class, you’ll be first on the waiting list for the next one.I plan to run these regularly through 2012 if there is enough demand.

You can also join us on our Facebook page to receive regular updates and reminders re classes,

Learn to Read Tarot – 22 week course starts 7 March 2011

‘Learn to read Tarot’ is a course designed for the beginner, however those who want to deepen their knowledge and practical experience of Tarot will also benefit.

There are no complicated lists of meanings to memorise and from the first week you will learn techniques to enable you to begin reading Tarot cards immediately. You will learn how to read for yourself and others in a relaxed and friendly environment, close to Newtown station.

The group is designed to run for 22 weeks on Monday evenings 7-8.30pm (approx 7 March to 29 August). While it’s possible to learn the basics of Tarot in a weekend or a short course, a longer period of time really gives you the opportunity to experience Tarot at a much deeper level and develop your skills and confidence as a Tarot reader/interpreter.

Over the 22 weeks we will learn the meanings of the Major Arcana cards, the suite cards (Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles) , the Court Cards (Queens, Kings, Knights, Pages), how to phrase questions, how to interpret a tarot card spread and much more. There will be the opportunity to give and receive readings each week.

The group is based on the Rider Waite & Universal Waite decks and you will need to purchase one and bring it along to each class. (My personal preference is for the Universal Waite deck.) These decks are readily available at new age stores such as Adyar in Sydney and most large bookstores such as Dymocks.  Individual classes can be taken at $20 a class if you don’t wish to sign up for the whole course.

Starts: Monday 7 March 7.00-8.30pm

Address: Studio 3, Level 1, 333 King Street, Newtown (close to Newtown Station and opposite Fitness First)


– $25 deposit to secure your place as numbers are limited.

– Earlybird payment: $200 if paid by 31 January 2011.

– After 1 February , cost is $250.

– Alumni: $100 (if you have done a 22 week group with me in the past)

No refunds available once the course has started as minimum numbers are required to cover costs.

Please contact me or call me on 0425 206 489 for more info.

Join our Facebook group ‘Tarot Meetup (Sydney Area)‘ and our Meetup Group ‘Tarotcraft – Tarot Meetup (Sydney Area)‘.

Earth, Air, Fire & Water – The Elements of Tarot workshop

”Move an Ace and Change your life” – Discover how this transformational spread can shift stagnant energy and move you forward in life.  This two hour workshop is a journey into the 4 Aces of the Minor Arcana:
Wands – Fire
Cups – Water
Swords – Air
Pentacles – Earth

Develop a deeper understanding of the symbolism, how to interpret it and how to understand the elements/suits within yourself.  If you have a deck, bring it along.

Date: Sunday 25 October, 2009

Time: 1-3pm
Cost: $25
Location: Newtown (address provided on registration)
For more info or to book your place:
Call: 025 206 489
Email: info (at) allisonwinter (dot) com

Learn to read the Thoth Tarot – 22 week study group starting in October

Starts: Monday 12 October 2009 for 22 weeks.  There are a couple of breaks and we finish around Easter next year.

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Location: Newtown (Sydney, NSW) Address provided on confirmation of payment.

Cost: $120.  Your place is confirmed once payment is received.

Aleister Crowley, has been hailed as both a prophet of a new era of brotherhood and equality, and also as the Wickedest Man In The World. Who was he? Saint or sinner?

The Tarot deck he created , the Thoth Tarot is the most popular tarot deck in the world and is certainly one of the most enigmatic and beautiful decks available.

Join our study group and learn to read Tarot for yourself and others, while on a journey of spiritual and magickal growth. The programme is aimed at the beginner but people of all levels of experience are welcome.

– Explore the Tree of Life through discussion and practical work such as scrying and path working

– Investigate the astrological and Qabalistic correspondences of each card

– Study each of the Major Arcana and their Paths

– Study the Minor Arcana with their related Sephira

– Develop clairvoyance and intuition

– Find your personal Tarot cards

– Learn how to read Tarot for ourselves and others

22 weeks might seem like a long time but chances are we’ll barely scratch the surface. The study of Tarot opens a door a new Universe. Something about working with Tarot, whether you delve into its esoteric aspects or not, will propel you into a higher level of consciousness and psychic awareness. You will see your own soul reflected in the Tarot and as your understanding of one grows, so grows the other.

We will also be doing some exercises to develop psychic senses and those who are so inclined will find that the daily practice of Qabalistic rituals such as the LBRP (or it’s variants), Middle Pillar etc will help them assimilate the material and develop this aspect of themselves.

Qabalah underpins the Western Mystery Tradition and is the foundation of magickal theory and practice but if you’re eyes are already glazing over rest assured there’s nothing boring or difficult about it.

The Qabalistic Tree of Life is a perfect map of the human psyche and you’ll recognise yourself in every aspect of it. It’s the perfect tool for personal and spiritual growth and Tarot makes it very easy to grasp.

You will need to get your own Thoth deck. It comes in a couple of different sizes. The larger one is good for studying the images, but the smaller one is easier to handle. A magnifying glass might help too as the cards are packed full of symbols that can be hard to see if you don’t have great vision.

I recommend you get ‘The Thoth Companion’ by Michael Osiris Snuffin as well as the ‘Book of Thoth’ by Aleister Crowley. If you only get one to start with, get the Snuffin book because it’s easier to understand.


-email to info at allisonwinter dot com

– Tarot Meetup (Sydney area) on Facebook

The Empress (3)

3-the-empress.jpgThe Empress is the fourth card of the Major Arcana, although it is numbered 3.  (Remember The Fool is the first card and is numbered 0).

The Empress is linked to the The High Priestess but unlike the HPS, the Empress is a card of activity and movement. The basic meaning of this card is growth, prosperity and fertility as The Empress is ruled by Venus.  In a spread, this card can indicate pregnancy, luxury, abundance and acting on one’s internal guidance. Continue reading

Ace of Pentacles

ace_pentacles.jpg The card depicted here is the Ace of Pentacles from the Robin Wood deck. It’s a beautiful deck and well worth looking out for.

When the Ace of Pentacles appears in a reading, like the other Aces, it tells me that something is about to happen. It’s a card of a new beginning, espcially in regard to work and money. Continue reading